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Welcome to The Namayana Project! Namayana means "blessing" in Swahili. The Namayana Project is the vision of two friends, one in America and one in Tanzania, to create schools in Tanzania. It is our vision and hope to be a blessing to children in Tanzania by opening schools there. 

Why? Our school provides instrution in both Swahili and English medium which is necessary for further eductaion. There is no other nursery school in the area nor an English-medium school nearby.



Charleston, SC, USA

Nanja, Arusha, Tanzania


We have partnered with two friends in the Nanja/Losimingori area in order to accomplish this goal. One, Emmanuel Laizer, is the senior pastor of Olomaiyana Baptist Church. The other, Langoi Sailepu, is the second master of Nanja Secondary School. Together, we have been working towards this project since 2018. 

Our students receive instruction in math, writing, reading, science and the environment, as well as a Bible story each week. They also receive a nutritional porridge every day. 

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